The Barrels and Business Podcast delivers an entertaining hour or so {depends on the surf}  to share inspiration and insights on the best surf spots in the world, quintessential quivers, product recommendations, worst wipeouts, kook kaos as well as discussions on the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling businesses. It’s not only the epic wins we discuss, we also dive into the failures and wipeouts in business with technology hacks to share tangible tips on how to build an amazing business and epic life.



Jade Green


Barrels and Business is THE podcast for beach-loving business owners. Host Jade Green created this podcast for all the people out there who, like her, were trying to balance their love of surfing and the beach with the time she spent running her business. Sick of the wave envy she realised that for most businesses there were areas where they could improve so that their business could run smoothly and allow them the time to enjoy their life again.

Episodes run for about an hour (depends if the surf is pumping that day or not), with a wide variety of guests all of whom have amazing stories to tell about becoming an epic business leader and an epic human.

THREE PILLARS lead the content for Barrels and Business

The 5 Dimensions

Jade outlines these as: Business, Relationships, Health, Adventure and Spirituality. Without these 5 things we feel incomplete and aren’t abel to reach out full potential.

Humanity Plus

Barrels and Business supports endeavours that create awareness for our experience as souls on this earth as humans. Whether this be putting humans at the centre of your business practices, or creating a business to better humanity as a whole.

Planet Plus

Like most surfers, Jade knows the immense beauty and serenity that comes from our oceans and she wants to protect that as much as she can. Promoting the reduce, reuse, and recycle approach to beginning your planet plus journey, Jade works with brands that are creating positive environmental ripples through their work.


Build A Kickass Team

Outside of hosting the Barrels and Business, Jade helps business owners build the teams that are going to help them scale their business.


If you are looking to hire new team members, want to train current team members and automate your onboarding, as well as become a kickass leader for your team you should enquire about Jade’s Kickass Team Building Accelerator HERE.

Speaking and Facilitating

Jade also has years of experience facilitating workshops, hosting and being interviewed on podcasts and radio, as well as speaking at events. If you have an event of series that you would like to invite Jade to participate in, please contact here via this email address:

You can also view her speaker topicsHERE


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